Computer / VDU Lenses

Our staff will tailor make a solution to cater to your specific visual demands.

We offer lenses such as Essilor’s anti-reflection ©Crizal & Blue-light filter ©Prevencia lenses.


Transition lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, darkening when outdoors and returning to clear when indoors. All Transitions lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and help filter blue-violet light.

Transistions come in a range of colours, for more information drop into us in store for a chat. 

Eyezen Boost

Eyezen Boost are optimised single vision lenses which helps to relax your eyes while using keyboards, reading documents and looking at various different screens.

Varifocal Lenses

We stock a wide range of Varifocal’s including Essilors brand new XR series which offers a wider field of vision.

if you would like to know more about making the change to Varifocal lenses feel free to contact us, or pop into any of our stores and we would be more than happy to help with your quiries.

Stellest Lenses

Stellest lenses help correct & control Myopia in children.

Myopia can worsen in children as they grow affecting their future vision, Stellest lenses are the best solution to fight myopia progression and their strong efficacy has been clinically proven.

Benefits of Stellest Lenses

° Correct Myopia.

° Control Myopia.

° Aesthetic safe & simple.

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