At Gilna’s we specialize in tailored made artificial eyes, also known as” Ocular prosthesis” or a “Glass eye”

Daniela Giacosa is our Dispensing Optician & Ocularist. Daniela graduated as a Dispensing Optician in Argentina before registering with CORU and The Irish Association of Dispensing opticians in 2011.

She began her training as an Ocularist in Manchester in 2008 and has been practising in Ireland since 2013.

An ocularist is a specialized trained technician  in the art of  the fabrication and fitting of tailored eye prostheses

We are committed to a constant improvement on the latest techniques and materials available.

Losing an eye could be a very traumatic experience and that’s why we will be taking good care of you during this process, answering all your questions and making our best effort working together to achieve the best possible results.

The process includes taking an impression of your eye socket that will maximise the comfort of the prosthesis and will make it easier for you to adapt as well  as increase the movement of the artificial eye. As per this technique the prosthesis will fit to the contour of your socket, maintaining the health and avoiding deformity of the orbit.

The Iris (colour of the eye) is hand-painted in front of the patient copying the colour from the other eye. Painting in front of the patient instead of using a picture, helps greatly to obtain the best results and realism!

Medical biocompatible Materials,  for the manufacture of Ocular Prostheses are used. Each step in the process is recorded and checked to a hight standard. Each prosthesis has a serial number making it traceable.

All the process of the fabrication is done on site in the office in Dublin by Daniela

Daniela is registered as a Medical Devices fabricator, regulated by  the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)

Daniela’s office is based in our Thomas St Branch in Dublin 8, just a 15 minute walk from Heuston Station.

For Enquiries, please contact Daniela directly on

 089 412 0315 or send her an email at [email protected]

If you are an existing Client of Daniela, we have atattched below a step-by-step guide for insertion, removal and general care of your artificial eye.