Maintenance and care of your ocular prosthesis

 You have been provided with a CUSTOM-MADE eye prosthesis and its use is intended for you only.

Generally, it is not necessary to remove your artificial eye unless discomfort or excessive discharge is experienced. As long as your artificial eye feels

comfortable it is recommended to be worn all the time, 24hs a day.

The reason being, it may take a few hours for the eye to settle in again every time it is removed.

It is not unusual experiencing some discharge and symptoms can vary with changes in atmosphere, weather, air conditioning, colds, allergies, etc. If the discharge is excessive and you are experiencing redness, inflammation or pain or discomfort it could be sign of an infection and you should contact your GP.

It is highly recommended to wear spectacles full time for protection. A Dispensing Optician can help you to improve appearances and symmetry with prescription lenses (Cosmetic Optics). We recommend to have Sport-specific, protective eyewear, swimming googles according to specific activities.