“After having to have my eye removed due to cancer I was dreading the thought of getting a prosthetic eye and what I would end up looking like after. I cannot recommend Danielahighly enough. Daniela was so considerate and patient with me throughout the journey of creating my prosthetic. The end result was an amazing prosthetic which was nearly an exact match to my existing eye. Daniela was so easily contactable with any questions I had before, during and after my journey. “


“I wanted to say a special Thank You for the beautiful and dedicated work that you did in creating my beautiful Prosthetic Eye. I very much appreciate your work and how easy you made the process for me”


I would like to Thank you so much for the New Prosthetic eye that you hand crafted over the three stage visits. From start to finish you were so good with each step of the process, explained in such a way that I knew what was going to be done. I only have my prosthetic one day and my wife, children  and work colleagues are amazed at your craftsmanship. Anyone who is unfortunate to be in same situation as myself should be visiting Daniela, so you can get your face back to what it was before your eye loss.I will always be grateful to you. Cheers!


“Thanks for my new wonderfull prosthetic eye, crafted by Daniela. I’ve been given the confidence to reconnect with all the things I love doing in life. My new eye is truely life-transformative. I really cannot express the depth of my grattitude for Daniela for what she has done for me. The prosthetic eye looks so natural and feels so comfortable that its hard to believe I wasnt born with it.”



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