“Your face is a work of art, it deserves a great frame”

At Gilna Opticians we offer a wide range of Opthalmic & Sunglass frames. Whether you like the big and bold or the smart and simple, we’re always willing to help you find the perfect frame to express your individuality.

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We carry an array of eyewear accessories such as cords and fashion chains.

If you’ve visited our Clontarf location already then you’ve had a chance to see the amazing collection of cords from Woods & Byrne.

They create luxury hand-crafted cords and chains for your frames with high quality materials like leather, irish sterling silver and even murano glass. If you have’nt popped into Clontarf yet then we’d highly recommend you do, especially to check these guys out.


We also stock prescription goggles for swimming & sports, and for both adults and children.

Visit us in store for enquiries!